Catering Menu 2019

Served from 11am – 2pm daily

3 peices of bacon, comes with mini croissants. Coffee and juice boxes are included

With Hash Browns and fruit

Hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato, green onion, cheddar cheese, topped with gravy

with hash browns and tomato wedges

Fresh baked croissant with jam, hardboiled egg, cheese, fruit and a juice

Sandwiches and Such

All of our sandwiches are made with our fresh baked breads

Gluten Wise available upon request

Cold Lunch Combo - $13.00
Sandwiches and wraps, tossed salad, rustic italian pasta salad and cookies

Sandwiches, veggies, fruit and dainties

Sandwiches, veggies, fruit and dainties

 with Caesar salad and garlic sticks

in a Bread Bowl served with tossed salad

(Beef or chicken or Veggie) served with poutine

with baked beans and pasta salad

with Bacon cheddar tomato salad and cheese sticks

(2pcs) and chips with coleslaw


All appetizers are priced per dozen (except the Appie Combo)
Minimum 3 dozen each

Appie Combo (20-25 people) - $350.00
75 Honey Garlic Meatballs, 75 Wings (2 flavors), 50 BBQ Steak bites, 36 Cheesy puff cups, Veggies and dip Tray, Fries, Onion rings

with rice


Entree - $18.00 per person
Choose: 1 protein, 1 starch, 2 salads, 1 vegetable and 1 bread
Pickles and condiments included

Light Entree- $14.00 per person
Choose: 1 Protein and 2 sides
Sliced Bakery Bread included
$14.00 per person

Turkey Dinner - $14.00